Rihanna loves Vans

I've been wanting to pick up a new pair of Vans for a minute now. Something classic that I can wear with anything. While searching around on other blogs and seeing how people styled theirs to pick the perfect new pair, I noticed multiple pictures of Rihanna in a pair of Vans Authentics and I fell in love! 

I really like hows simple and tonal everything is. Dressy but casual. 
Bought a pair for myself and can't wait to try out some similar looks.

Friday night. Bowling. Tequila. Punk rock music.

Went out to Mahall's in Lakewood to see Lawskof play with Light Years for their record release. This is one of my favorite venues to see punk bands currently. It feels like you're in someone's basement but waaaaay cleaner. Another great thing - when the set is done, you turn around and bowl a few games. Add tequila and laughs..
Perfect Friday night. 










                                         Top and Skirt - Forever 21, Shoes - Unif Hellraisers

Agenda Tradeshow

Being able to attend the Magic and Agenda Tradeshow is one of the biggest perks to working at Jakprints. As an brand manager, part of my job is to help price, prep and schedule jobs for high volume clothing lines. I work with these clients on a daily basis and work hard to make sure everything is done correctly and as quickly as possible. Getting to see the clients sell the products we worked so hard to produce is quite a rewarding experience. It's also nice to see what's up and coming for the next year. 

This was my third time attending the show and this time I had a much better experience. 
My first trip to the show was also my first trip to Las Vegas so it was all a blur of excitement. 
For the second trip, I was still a newbie but had a better idea of what I was getting myself into. 
This time around though, I was bursting with excitement for weeks leading up to the show. I was going to be getting the opportunity to meet some of my bigger clients attending as well as be in the same room as some of my favorite streetwear brands and stylists, buyers and more. 

This was my first time for Agenda which ran at the same time as Magic this year. This show was more up my alley. Printed T-shirts and embroidered 5 panel snapbacks as far as the eye can see. For obvious reasons, most brands are hesitant allowing pictures so this is all I could post up. I hope you enjoy!

What I wore: Analog Fantom Tee, Pretty Polly Suspender Tights, Doc Marten boots.